Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Makin' Some Cake

 For some reason my girls are not that interested in earning extra badges for AHG this summer.  It may very well be because they earned more than $60 worth of extra ones at the last ceremony!  Sweet Baby did however want to get together with a friend and complete a badge together.  Last week we had her friend and her mother over for a couple hours so the girls could work on the cake decorating badge.  The badge requires that a Tenderheart aged girl make a batch of cupcakes, which she did the week before and took them to a family get together.  One  of the other requirements had the girls bake a cake and decorate it in a theme of their choosing using candies to decorate it.

Here Sweet Baby is flouring up the cake pan.

She chose to decorate her cake like the ocean.  She wanted to use graham crackers crushed up as the sand on the bottom of the ocean.  

The girls were required to learn about various types of food coloring and how you could achieve different colors by mixing the food coloring.  They enjoyed putting the drops of coloring into the frosting and watching how the colors changed as they mixed it up.

After the cakes had cooled they were able to begin frosting.  Sweet Baby had some trouble figuring out that longer strokes were necessary, the more frosting the better and how to hold the spreader to do the edges.  Since Sweet Baby does not like being directed or her mom "teaching" her things, it did  not go so well.  She got frustrated, mom got frustrated...sigh....

After awhile things calmed down and she began using the decorator kit to create some seaweed for her ocean.

She chose to use some Jelly Belly jelly beans for rocks and Swedish Fish as well.  She even remembered that she had a mermaid Polly Pocket that she wanted to put in the ocean.  

Sadly, because of her attitude issues, she did not get to eat the cake.  Her dad and I have been wondering if her sassy-ness may be a result of sugar so we decided to stop the intake for awhile.  Don't feel to bad for her.  The whole time she was making the cake she was sampling jelly beans, frosting, and Swedish Fish - honestly, all that sugar could very well have been the problem.  SO...we gave the cake to some friends of ours, who I am sure enjoyed it!

The girls have one more optional to do in order to earn the badge.  They had fun making cakes, but I really think they enjoyed doing it with a friend.

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