Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Couple Days

Just a few pictures of our first couple days.  We started school on Monday.  It has been smooth in some respects, rough in others - but that is life, isn't it?  Our first day got us started with a Bible study.  This year we are doing "Boy, Have I Got Problems?", it is a study on the book of James.  It uses the inductive bible study method.  I myself have never done it, so I am interested to see how it works.  We have been talking about James 1:2-4 so far.  We should consider it pure joy when we are faced with trials.  Oh how difficult this can be to accept, but how true it really is.  We grow so much out of struggles and as parents, we teach our children so much as THEY watch US plod through our trials.

Even Sweet Baby is doing the bible study with us. Sweet Baby doesn't enjoy writing.  Her writing isn't very good either, she also hates to sit for long periods of time, but she seems to be doing fine with our bible study.  I read it aloud the first day with the girls.  Sissy has enjoyed it so much she has decided to work ahead, so she is doing it on her own at this point.

A first day of school smile from Peanut.  Gosh, she looks old here.  She is growing up so fast.  SIGH...

Here is a first day smile from Sweet Baby...her favorite time...lunch.  I let the girls pack a lunch, including special treats we do not normally buy, and eat downstairs in the school room.  They thought that was fun.

No first day shots of Sissy, she said, "You can't take my picture!  My hair is a mess!" it begins.  A 13 year old who is not into "doing" her hair, does not worry about fashion or make up yet. But, after that comment, I'm sure it is just beginning.

Our 2nd day of school we discussed Christopher Columbus and his voyage.  The younger girls made tin foil models of some of his ships.  They really enjoyed this activity.  When the ships were done, they took them to the bath tub and floated them across the sea.

 They even pulled out some Playmobile people to watch the voyage begin.  Silly girls!

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