Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mid-Year Ceremony

Excitement at our house again due to American Heritage Girls.....Our troop's Mid-Year Ceremony was Tuesday evening.

In addition to the girls being awarded any merit badges they have worked on, they received any service stars they have earned. Sweet Baby's unit has worked on the Best Me I Can Be badge, so all the girls who participated received that badge. In addition Sweet Baby had earned the Kid Care and Family Helper badge by working on it at home. She also received service stars for 20 service hours.

Peanut's unit worked on the Bible Basics badge. This is the only merit badge she earned thus far. She has started, and is nearly finished with, the Family Helper badge and the Gardening and Plant Science badge. She should be receiving those at the end of the year. She received service stars for 30 hours of service.

Sissy's unit has been working hard since this fall (when we took the girls camping in the fall) and they earned the Fire Safety and Building badge as well as the Photography badge. Sissy blew everyone away with 75 hours or service ALREADY this year! Many of those hours were earned with rehearsals for the church Christmas play, but a huge amount was also earned doing child care for some friends and not charging, and helping teach a bible class for pre-schoolers at our church this summer.

For the ceremony Sissy led the color guard (the flag procession) by reading through the flag ceremony. She even had to lead prayer twice - in front of about 150 people.

I cannot go on enough about how much we love this program. I have seen my oldest grow into a young lady who has drive and determination to earn awards. I have witnessed her learn demonstrate organizational skills I did not know she had, but most importantly I have seen her spiritual gift laid out time and time again. God has cultivated a gift of service in her. I love watching it grow.

The younger girls are just having fun and solidifying Christian friendships. I'm excited to watch the little girls grow through this program.

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Heather B said...

How wonderful! I love programs like this. We do Scouting for our boys, and our girls have a wonderful program through our church called "Personal Progress". These things are so great for families!! Congratulations to your girls!