Thursday, January 26, 2012

Egg Carton Math

Sweet Baby still struggles with memorizing her math facts. She has all of her 0's, 1's, most 2's and double facts memorized but those are the same facts she had memorized in November. She is getting pretty good about all her +9's but anything else is difficult.

I found this fun math game on Pinterest and it took me all of 5 minutes to make one for her. We call it Egg Carton Math.

In the bottom of each egg section I placed a colored circle with a number on it. I put two buttons in the egg carton. Sweet Baby gives it a shake, opens it up and whatever two numbers are covered by the buttons she needs to add together. For more reinforcement I actually make her write the problem down so she can be writing and looking at it. Of course you can do this with any numbers and any math procedure (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc).

What made me laugh was hearing Sissy say, "Hey! I want to do egg carton math!" It made me laugh because this girl is in the midst of pre-algebra and doesn't need any help with her math facts - but hey - if an egg carton, some colored circles and some old buttons gets me the Best Moms of the Year Award, she can practice Egg Carton Math as well.

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