Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vikings and Castles, Oh My

We have been plugging our way through our history program...we have finished our discussions about Vikings.  We learned about where Vikings originated, why the were called Vikings, about their terrible demeanor and about their ships.  The kids worked on drawings of a Viking ship.  The first one belongs to Peanut.  Out of all the girls, she most loves drawing and anything artsy.

Sissy also tried here hand at drawing a Viking ship. We have several of the Draw and Write Through History books and this is where they found the step by step drawing of the Viking ship. Here is Sissy's ship.

After talking about Vikings we have since headed into the Middle Ages.  We have had much fun learning about knights, kings, castles,monks and all that goes with it.  We use God and the History of Art, which not only has the kids trying their hand at various drawing and shading techniques, but they learn the history of certain art techniques as well.  We had been discussing stained glass when I found this adorable "stained glass" cross idea on Pinterest.  It was very easy and so the girls decided to make them.  We used black card stock for the outline, colored tissue paper cut into squares for the "glass"  and clear contact paper.  The clear contact paper goes over the cross and as the kids fill in the cross, the tissue paper sticks to the contact paper.  Such fun and lovely!

Here is another drawing..this one by Peanut again.  The assignment was to draw something from the middle ages, and she drew this picture of knights in battle.


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