Friday, January 20, 2012

"Everybody's Doing It"

Well, here I am, 38 years old and unable to heed the advice my mother gave me for years. "Just because everybody's doing it, doesn't mean you should." When choosing the science curriculum we would use for Sissy (7th grade) we went with Apologia General Science because Apologia is such a widely used curriculum in homeschoool circles, it is not workbook based and "everyone does it". When I looked at the book itself, I immediately said to myself, "Self, your girl is sweet, responsible and rarely ever complains about school - BUT she does not exhibit strong skills in the English department. Reading big words is not something she enjoys. I'm thinking this program looks a bit over her head." However, Self did not listen and thought, "Well, everyone else does it. 7th grade is a different set of expectations, maybe she'll rise to those expectations - despite her weaknesses. Maybe she just needs 'some practice'" and she will enjoy it after all." Well, that has not happened yet - and we are half way through the book.

I can feel God working with/on me. He is trying to teach me to things about the abilities of my children and my responsibilities to them. So...I am looking for a new science program for next year. I am looking for something that is quite visual, something quite hands on with not as much reading as Apologia expects. Maybe something with videos?

I have read about Rainbow Science and am interested in finding out more (despite the high price tag - $270). If you have any suggestions of a science program that has really fit for your family, please share your suggestions.

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