Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I had to share my excitement!! Our girls really enjoy lapbooking and our favorite lapbooks are those that are made by Hands of a Child. A year or so ago I was lucky enough to help the company out at a local homeschool conference. In doing so, they gave me a super membership for an entire year.

What is a "super membership" you ask? Each month the ladies at Hand of a Child (HOAC) develop 2 new lapbooks (generally on one topic and they do a lapbook for the younger children and the older children), if you have a super membership you are able to download both lapbooks for free. When they are released to the public they are about $15 a piece. We used several of the lapbooks that we received during the time we had the membership, but this past year we decided to save a bit and skip the super membership.

Well, this morning I ordered their weekly $5 lapbook which is all about Ancient Rome (we will be studying this next year when we do Rome to the Reformation with My Fathers World). Apparently the girls at HOAC are having a big anniversary celebration and they are doing give-a-ways right now. Lucky me that the $5 Rome lapbook was their 100th sale for the day because we won a year Super Membership! YIPEE!!

We LOVE Hands of a Child!


Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,
It is great to see your blog. We have so much in common...we use My Father's World too. (this year is Rome to the Reformation)
:-) Cyndi and gang in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

ps- Audra loved seeing the pictures of her pen pal.