Monday, January 24, 2011

Bible Bowl

Last year as Sissy's first year on the church Bible Bowl team. She enjoyed it and did really well even helping her team to the state finals and winning a trophy and medal there. This year both Sissy and Peanut are involved.

The kids are studying the book of John this year. Yesterday was their first competition and the kids did really well. Sissy is now in the Junior High division. Their team did not place in the top 4 teams this time but Sissy only missed 2 out of 20 questions.

This year there are only 3 Primary Divison teams for our area. On Peanut's team 2 of the 4 kids are brand new this year. They all did so well placing 1st out of the 3 teams! Peanut did awesome herself and only missed 1 out of 20 questions! The kids all share the trophy (each child taking it home for one week) until the next competition. Peanut was excited to get to take the trophy home first!

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Champion Builders said...

Fabulous!! Congrats!
Have you looked in the Bible Bee for the summertime? We did it last year and it was an incredible experience for our whole family.