Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying Watercoloring

All of the girls have celebrated birthdays over the last 3 months. I had such fun surprising Peanuts with gifts she did not ask for, but I thought she would like. She is our little artist. She loves anything creative. Give her a pencil and paper and she may be found writing a story. BUT, she doesn't stop at writing, she also insists on illustrating. Or, she may be found drawing her own coloring book, making stick puppets, etc.

One of her gifts was real watercolor paints in tubes, a painters palette and nice paint brushes. Dear friends of ours have a son who loves drawing and painting. So, we spent a few hours at their house yesterday while he showed her how to paint with watercolors. She just LOVED it!

The next art project we'll work on is making clay animals with the clay and book she received as one of her other gifts. I'm not sure which she will enjoy more - painting or sculpting.

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