Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Morning Watching Things Grow

Just a quick picture and some of the biggest reasons I started this blog is so that I have a place to record thoughts I have about raising our girls and share pictures. Especially for those days that are "bad" days when I feel like I have no idea what I am doing being a parent. I needed a place to record things that make my heart sing. This is one of those moments.

It is a beautiful Michigan early summer morning - the sun is shining, slight breeze, nearly no humidity, the garden is in full shade early in the morning - so, I decided to do some weeding for my husband. (The garden is his baby, I'm not much of a fan of getting dirt under my fingernails - I know, I'm a priss.) We are doing 2 different Summer Reading Programs and Sweet Baby is constantly wanting to read to me, since she is just finishing up kindergarten she really needs to read aloud to get help on the words she does not know. It was sweet to be sitting there working while she sat in her chair reading Biscuit and Strawberry Shortcake books to me. I love listening to her read to me, it has been amazing watching her grow and listening to her reading skills improve. Again, I remain in awe of what the Lord has given me.

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