Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicken Coop Is Nearly Done

You will recall that we got 6 chicks in April. They were to small to regulate their own body temps so we needed to keep them under a heat lamp for about 6 weeks so they were living in a large container in our back livingroom. As they grew (and grow they have!) I've been anxious to get them out of myhouse. The last 2 weeks it has been warm enough that they did not need the lamp so they have been in the garage at night and in the dog's old dog crate during the day while my husband worked on designing and building their coop.

He did an awesome job and has been diligently working on it each evening after work and on Saturdays. They finally are sleeping in the "big house" . This weekend we will have the run completed so they can move about freely between their coop and their fenced in run.

Once all the sawing was done he was able to use our help in getting things put together. Here is daddy and Sissy working on the roof. I LOVE pictures like this...

Sissy enjoyed hammering the nails.

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