Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Reading Fun

I continue to be amazed at Sweet Baby's progress with reading. I LOVE taking photos of her reading. I suppose I should get the video camera out as well, but for now, I love the pictures. Our curriculum this year has us spending the entire year reading the book of Matthew. Today we discussed Jesus walking on water and how even at this point, after all they had seen, Jesus' disciples still seemed covered in disbelief. After I had finished reading and finished our discussion, Sweet Baby ran out of the room and hollered, "I'll be right back. I'm getting my Bible." She came out with her Toddler Bible that has easy sentences to read and proceeded to look through her Bible for the story. She did not find the correct story, but she did find a story about water! She started reading it to us. Of course she stumbled over many words, but was able to figure most of them out - even the word "people". What a joy it is to watch her accomplish so much!

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Champion Builders said...

What sweet joy it is to watch our kids blossom! Glad you are having such special moments with her.