Monday, February 15, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie...Bar Graph??

Sissy has been in Girl Scouts since 1st grade and she really seems to enjoy it. She especially likes seeing her friends from her elementary school a couple times a month. Every year she sells cookies like crazy. As we began bringing the cookies in, I started stacking the cases with likes cases and when I stood back, I thought... bar graph! (It is amazing how as a homeschool parent you begin looking at EVERYTHING and thinking "school"!) Of course when I pointed the "bar graph" out to Sissy, she said, "Oh geesh mom!" As much as she enjoys selling cookies, this will be her last year. I (and several other moms in the community) am currently in the beginning stages of starting an American Heritage Girls troop at our church. American Heritage Girls is a Christ centered scouting group that has many similarities to Girl Scouts except that this program actually holds Christ up as the center of the group and holds the girls and volunteers up to christian standards. This is a group that I have LONG wished we had in our community. The nearest troop is more than an hour away - just not practical - so...I guess we'll be starting one for our family and many girls in our area.

The younger girls have asked to be in Girl Scouts many times over the last couple years but we were just really uncomfortable with not knowing the leaders personally and several of the national beliefs of Girl Scouts have my husband and I concerned. Due to our concerns the younger girls have missed out on the scouting experience up until now. We'll have our first American Heritage Girls meetings this fall and all of my girls are looking forward to a christian scouting experience!

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