Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finished France With Madeline

Well, we have finished our tour through Europe. We spent a few weeks in Norway, a few in France and then a couple in Germany. While in France I read Madeline to the girls several times, and to conclude the study the younger girls did a Madeline lapbook that we purchased from Hands of a Child. I love lapbooks, and the girls do too. Last year we did several lapbooks for history but this year our curriculum has kept us so busy that we have not been able to fit any in.

Lapbooks are WONDERFUL if you want your children to have hands on craft type fun (cutting, gluing, coloring) without having to drag out a ton of supplies. In addition, instead of having another "craft" laying around that doesn't get any use, your child has a sweet example of all they have learned that they can (and sometimes do) look back on and refresh their memory.

This particular lapbook was geared for grades K-2. It was perfect for the younger two but much to young for Sissy. She didn't seem to mind not working on one when I told her that she will be doing a Zebra lapbook during our study of Africa. When Sweet Baby finished her lapbook, she ran right over to Sissy and said, "Look what I did! Can I show you?"

Here is Peanut proudly showing off her cover....

And here is a peak inside. The girls learned about the appendix (Madeline has hers taken out in the story), the Eiffel Tower, there is a story sequencing activity, rhyming page, a map of France and more. They really had fun completing these.

Now...onto Africa!

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