Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Do You Keep One Busy While Working With Another?

When we decided to keep Sweet Baby home this year, one of the things that had me concerned was how on earth was I going to keep her learning while I dealt with the older girls? Of course we have had to figure things out as we go, but one thing that has been a wonderful addition to Sweet Baby's day, is the use of our Learning Palette from Usborne Books and More. The Learning Palette is a wonderful way for children to practice skills they are learning and be independent doing so!

The child has a certain skill they are practicing (in this case Sweet Baby is practicing her letter blends.) If you take a look at the upper right hand side of the palette, she needed to know that the "sp" says "sp" and be able to match that sound with a picture that contains that sound. By finding that the "spider" has a yellow circle with a hole in the middle, she places that chip next to the "sp". When she has completed the entire disk, she turns the disk over and.........

the disk allows her to self check. See the colors along the sides of the disk? If they match with the chips she placed, she has them all right! Sweet Baby gets to practice her skills for a couple minutes - quietly - while I work with a big sister. It is great for both of us! And, if your child wears her princess Belle dress to school, she'll feel like a real princess when she gets all of her answers correct too!

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