Friday, November 13, 2009

Tears of Excitement

No photo to go with this post, just a mom's thoughts...

With last year having been our first year homeschooling, mom is still using the learning curve when it comes to confidence. Her own that is...I struggle with feeling that I am doing enough and not hindering the girls by keeping them home. I will admit that this year there are frequent things that the girls say based on what we are learning this year, that I am gaining confidence that they are doing just fine.

One thing that was freaking me out about this year was the knowledge that I would have a kindergartner doing school. A child that needed to be taught to would I do that? Well, in my opinion, Sweet Baby is doing fine. So fine in fact that the other day she came to me with a chapter book in hand (she loves to pretend to read them) and said, "Mom, does this word say 'pond'?" Upon taking a closer look I discovered that yes, it did indeed say 'pond'. I was so excited that my eyes welled up and I nearly cried. I was so proud of her!!

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