Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creating the Rainforest

We are in our last week of studying South America (specifically Brazil and the Amazon Rain forest). Two of the girls needed new church shoes so we had several shoe boxes in the house. I decided maybe they would have fun making a rain forest diorama. I remember making a diorama or two as a child. The girls have LOVED it. Here is Peanut working on her box. She has was making a bromilliad for her box.

Sweet baby wanted to to use pipe cleaners to make trees so here she is trying to shape a tree from her pipe cleaners.

Sweet Baby chose to use some stickers we had in the house to decorate the inside of her diorama. She had so much fun building her rain forest and adding all the different animals and insects to her scene. The other girls should be finishing up later today, I'll share their finished boxes with you then.

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