Friday, November 13, 2009

Eggs are Good for Your Body and For Supporting Books Too?

I had no idea how strong an egg shell is! We have been talking about various animals in the rain forest and one of those things were birds. We were supposed to do an experiment this week to demonstrate to the kids that egg shells are much stronger than we think and the way God used the "arch" in nature to lend stability. The older girls tried to crush an egg over a bowl by just squeezing didn't work so we cracked 2 of them by tapping them lightly on the edge of the counter (this became mom's breakfast) and then set the 4 pieces of shell on the table with the end up. Then we stacked various books on top of them to see how many the egg shells could hold. The girls guessed 4 and 6, they were shocked (as was I) to see that they were able to hold 11 books! Some of those books were pretty thick too!

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