Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Haircut and Ear Piercings...

There isn't much to share about school since we are on a break for the summer so I thought I would shar these photos of Sweet Baby and Sissy. Last fall Sissy told me that she thought might like to get her ears pierced. Both dad and I were o.k. with that so we talked about doing it after we got back from our Disney trip. By the time we returned and mentioned it to her, she had changed her mind. A couple weeks ago she came to me out of the blue and said she was ready to get her ears pierced and only required that both ears be done at the same time. Unfortunately I called a couple places near us and there were no places that had 2 ladies working at the time. Grandma was visiting so I told her that grandma could come with us and see her get it done if she thought she could get past the fact that they would need to pierce one ear at a time. Suprisingly she said yes! So off we went. The piercing went well except for a couple silent tears as they were finished. After we were done we went to the grocery store and got Sissy a frozen coke. By that time she had announced that she had no pain at all and didn't even remember they were in her ear. However, she did make a point to tell me that as they were doing it, "it felt like they put staples in my ears mom!
Sweet baby has been asking to have her hair cut for the last couple months but I have been avoiding do it. Why? Because she is 5 years old and has only had her length trimmed 1 time and it was less than 1/2". Her hair had gotten so long (just scroll down and look at the Memorial day pictures). Sissy started getting her hair cut into a bob around age 2 1/2 because she didn't like long hair. Peanut started getting her hair cut about the same time because she would scream and whine whenever I brushed it and would not let me put any barrettes or ponytails in her hair. Sweet Baby has never cared about the length and is very good about letting me do her hair. But she started asking to have it cut, so off it went. We took 12" off and will be donating it to Locks of Love. I love the above picture because you can see Peanut in the mirror saying, "Oh, it is so cute. You look beautiful!" She does look so cute doesn't she?

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John and Anne said...

AAww, Brooke looks so beautiful! Miss you all!