Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Kid at Camp

Sissy is 10 this summer and this is the first year she has requested to go to church summer camp. The first time she has gone to any camp. The first time she's been away from home for more than 2 nights. It has been a change for sure. I am missing her like crazy! She is at Michigan Christian Youth Camp (MCYC) which is just outside of Lapeer. This week is Bristol Road week. It is the week that most of the attendees are from our church so it wasn't too difficult to let her go. We know nearly all of the counselors and she was lucky enough to bunk with her pal who will be moving away to Oklahoma within the next month or so.

Last night was family night so we went out around dinner time and met her in the cafeteria. It felt SO good to see her and give her a few hugs. After the kids finished eating we made our way down to the pavilion for chapel. Here are the girls all together enjoying songs. When I asked Sissy what her favorite thing to do so far was, she replied, "Archery! I even popped a balloon."

It wasn't raining when we arrived but of course, once the field games started, the rain started. LOTS OF RAIN..I'm guessing for about 2 hours. We were so wet but seriously, what fun! Here she is trying to stay dry and starting to get cold. Luckily someone found us the key to her cabin so we could get her a sweatshirt and some dry clothes after about an hour and a half!

The younger girls were so happy to see her! When we dropped her off Peanut cried for some time as we were leaving and then the 2nd night without her it was about 2 hours of quiet crying because she missed her sister. I even found the girls sleeping with photographs of Sissy. So sweet!

The younger girls loved watching the field games and didn't complain, NOT ONCE about being in the rain for so long. For the balloon toss (yes, more water!) they even let sweet baby get in on the action.
The rain didn't dampen the fun. I had the best time just watching my baby grow up. Seeing her participate in something I never was able to. I am so thankful that my husband and I have chosen Jesus, if not for ourselves, then for our girls. I love sitting and watching them sing songs and singing lines like "I'm all wrapped up, I'm all tied up, I'm all tangled up in Jesus", I love knowing that the friends they are making now know Him and that we are doing our best to start them on a righteous path.

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