Friday, October 3, 2008

A Co-Op Field Trip

One thing that made me think that homeschooling could work for our family was a visit to a homeschool co-op. The co-op is called Hometeam II and meets in Ortonville, MI. I visited it back in March when I was still trying to determine if this was something I felt confident enough to do. I remember at one point having tears in my eyes because I was convinced that I could do this. Because there is a waiting list, I was so blessed to get a spot in this group. Sissy has already made a friend who passed her a note the other day when Art was over, it read "You are my new BFF" (best friend forever). It was Sissy that we were concerned would really have trouble dealing with not being around her friends at school. She is somewhat shy, doesnt' have the highest self esteem and doesn't seem to make friends as easily as Peanut, who can make a new friend at the grocery store!
This week we went to Cook's Dairy Farm in Ortonville to see the calves, learn about the milk process. See the room where the milk is bottled, pasturized, walk through the barn where the cows are all lined up and even see some pigs. The girls thought it stunk. It did. It was a farm. The highlight of the visit was the REAL ice cream we had at the end of the trip. Peanut specifically loved seeing the 3 calves and feeding them hay.

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John and Anne said...

It looks like the girls are really enjoying this! Good job and yay you!