Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins last night....ok, to be fair - dad and kids carved pumpkins. I have always hated the feeling of pumpkin goo. Ever since I was a kid. As an adult it is no different. gets the gooey job and doesn't seem to mind. What I love about this photo is how Sweet Baby is working on her pumpkin but yet has her left hand planted firmly on daddy's arm. She "can do it herself" you know! But of course she doesn't want dad to far away from her!

And here is another shot of her "doing it by herself". She is such an independent little stinker! Look at how determined she is to just cut that darned pumpkin to pieces!! Luckily the carving tool is one of those very dull little saws that children such as her can use - without damaging their fingers! Of course I was paranoid the whole time she was going to slip, but every time daddy tried to re-direct her cutting angle she would get really angry and pull away and say, "Dad! I can do it myself!"

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