Thursday, September 11, 2008

"OHHHH, look!"

We are studying mammals using the God's Design science program and I LOVE it! We all LOVE science right now. They use short lessons that both girls can understand. We discussed the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates the first week. Now we are onto the characteristics of a mammal. The girls are going to research an animal of their choice and prepare some notebooking pages or a report on the animal they chose. It was no surprise that Peanut chose her favorite animal, the polar bear. Sissy couldn't choose her favorite, the panda bear, because she had already done a report on it last year at school. So, she chose the cheetah. See all the "stuff" we have borrowed from the library! The table is full. Even Sweet Baby wants to "research" an elephant, her favorite animal.

Anyway, while looking through a wonderful encyclopedia of animals that we checked out from the library, they landed on bats and it showed a skeletal drawing of it and I hear Sissy say, "OOhhh look, see, that is the vertebrate like what we talked about last week!" I love seeing them learn from one another!

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