Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Mispronunciations

When dh got home last night I was having the girls tell him what they learned. We were talking about the first colonies...I asked our 6 year old to tell dad about what she had learned..She pulled out the map of the colonies which she had colored and started reading the names of the colonies, when she got to New Hampshire she said "New Hampster"!!

Then she showed him the flag of England that she had drawn and when I asked her to tell daddy who the king of England was, she was very proud to say, "King Georgia"!!!!

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Rene said...

It sound slike you're having a blast! I love helping my kids "show off" for Daddy when he gets home.

Kids say the funniest things, don't they? Gillian was making a paper doll chain yesterday to represent children around the world. Anyway, she (in all her girly-ness) had colored them all various pinks and purples. When I hung it on the wall, I noticed that 2 of the people had frowns while the rest had smiles. I asked her "why are they so sad?" (of course, expecting some great revelation since we were just talking about other religions and the "work" that each of them requires compared to accepting God's grace) and she responded with "Because they don't like pink and purple". :)