Friday, April 19, 2013

Sewing and a Birthday Gift

A  couple weeks ago I pulled out my sewing machine to show the girls how to sew a badge onto their American Heritage Girls uniform.  I usually stitch them on by hand, but I realized that one of the girls could complete a requirement for the Sewing badge if they sewed a badge on with a sewing machine.  Well, I created a monster.  :)  Peanut discovered that she really enjoys the sewing machine.  Actually, even Sissy enjoyed it.

Based on some things we went over, Peanut only needed to do a couple badge requirements to complete the badge in time for the year end ceremony.  Her final requirement was to make a small project such as a pillow.  Sweet Baby's birthday is coming up the end of May and we have decided that the kids do not need more "stuff".  However, Sweet Baby, even though she will be 9, still loves playing with her Bitty Baby.  Her Papa made her a beautiful crib for Christmas 2 years ago and now she is asking for pretty bedding to go in it. 

I have always wanted to learn to quilt so I decided to take a chance and make a baby doll quilt for Sweet Baby's birthday.  Peanut decided to make her a coordinating pillow to go with it AND complete the Sewing badge.

We had a random applique that matched the bedding so not only did she sew the pillow, but she also stitched the applique onto the pillow as well.

It honestly did not take her long at all to finish, and she did a great job.  Here she is with her finished project.
I continue to enjoy that these various badges make me do projects with my girls that I may not otherwise try.  Often, I'm either certain that they would not like it or I tend to think they are not old enough to learn.  (Yes, I'll admit, I am trying to stop time so that they will not grow up.)  However, these AHG badges help me to see that yes, they are able.

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