Monday, April 22, 2013

An Unconventional Science Lesson

We are not only winding down our school year, but our American Heritage Girls year as well.  The girls have been completing some badges they have been working towards for the Year End Ceremony.  Sissy has been working on the Pet Care badge and had just one more requirement to finish in order to have it completed.  She needed to learn about different jobs in the pet care industry and visit someone at their place of work and talk with them.  I called our vet and was thrilled when they said that not only was it o.k. for her to come and visit, but she could watch a surgery as well!

Sweet Baby declared that she had NO desire to attend with us so we took a friend of Peanut's with us instead.  When we arrived they were prepping their first patient of the day to be spayed.  The girls watched her be shaved, receive a shot and have a breathing tube inserted down her throat.  

They were told they were welcome to stand in the operating room to get a good view and that if they felt light headed at all, they should just sit down.  Well, Peanut decided she was not going in the room at all, and that she only wanted to glance at the operating table once in a while.  For the girl who said she wanted to be a veterinarian, this experience allowed her to narrow her career choice a bit, since she was so grossed out.

The doctor removed the uterus and ovaries and after he had completed stitching the patient up, he brought out the organs to show the girls exactly what he removed and talked to them about the design of it.

Peanut did not want to get to close at all, in all honesty, I'm not sure she even looked at it!

Although Peanut wasn't getting close, the other girls took a good look and were very interested in what they were seeing. 

 Finally, the vet tech, who was a student from a local college, let them watch as she cleaned the dog up and finished what needed to be done before removing the animal and getting ready for the next patient.

While we were waiting for the surgery to begin someone brought in a brand new Labrador puppy.  It was so tiny and so new that its eyes were not even opened yet!  Apparently it was having its dew claw removed.  I had never heard of this!  The girls thought the puppy was just adorable, but then when they began the procedure, which looked like it would hurt, they were feeling so sorry for the little guy.  It was squealing and crying.  Yet another reason I think that Peanut decided to pass on the idea of being a veterinarian when she grows up!

It was a great experience and a wonderful way to "do science for the day!

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