Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Lost Coin

Sissy has been working on the Bible Basics badge for American Heritage Girls.  This is a badge she wanted to do herself so we have been working the requirements into her school day.  She needed to choose one of Jesus' parables and tell the story through puppets (which she was required to make). 

She chose the parable of the lost coin.  Mom required her to write the script rather than ad lib and she asked Peanut if she wanted to help.  Yesterday I needed to take Sweet Baby to the orthodontist.  When I arrived home, this was the sight I saw.  It warmed my heart!  Seeing the two of them working together, craft supplies spread out, laughing going on - I reminded myself that THIS is what these days of homeschooling are about. 

I've been a bit preoccupied lately with the fact that Sissy will start high school next year.  I've been stressing out over so much!  Which curriculum will challenge her but not be too difficult? What to do about science specifically, since she really does not like Apologia's upper level sciences?  How do you plan to cover all the necessities for "graduation" while still allowing for some self discovery?  Is my daughter the ONLY 8th grader that doesn't seem to have a passion for anything more than Toby Mac, Jamie Grace and Adventures in Odyssey?  How do I help her find her passion?  SOOOO much has been on my mind - and then I come home and see love, team work, problem solving and having fun. made my heart smile.

So, the girls worked on their puppets - 10 coins and a lady.  The puppets were made of basic felt, googly eyes, craft sticks, pom pom balls and pipe cleaners.  Peanut hand stitched smiles on all of the "gold" coins.  Sissy created the lady.

When I asked why one of the coins had one giant eye, they didn't have a real reason.  They said that it was just because he is the one who gets lost and they wanted him to stand out.  He stood out alright, he makes me think of Mike Wazowski!

 As an after dinner treat, the girls performed their show for us.  I'm not sure which I like best out of this process - seeing Sissy choose the Bible Basics badge and complete it on her own, watching the two girls work so well together or watching the show.  Either way, there were alot of things to enjoy about this one!

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