Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Besty Ross, Stars and the Liberty Bell

We have been learning about the Revolutionary War the last few weeks and enjoying it.  We have been discussing the people involved, are working on a lapbook from Hands of a Child about the Founding Fathers, and we have been reading Johnny Tremain for our read aloud.

We were talking about how our first flag was created and discussing Besty Ross.  A badge requirement for one of our American Heritage Girls badges had the girls cut a five pointed star, just like Besty Ross did.  I remembered doing this about 5 years ago, but could not recall the pattern that needed to be followed.   I hopped over to Pinterest to look for a pattern.

It took SEVERAL tries, and SEVERAL links. But eventually we got it.  

Sissy and Sweet Baby gave up after about 6 tries, but Peanut just continued giving it a shot.  She was getting quite frustrated - ok, in all honesty, so was I!  But after about 8 tries, she was delighted when she figured out how to cut a 5 pointed star with just a few folds and one snip.

After the girls cut the star they made a replica of the Liberty Bell.  We used a styrofoam cup, a toilet paper roll, tin foil and pipe cleaners.  First the girls covered their cup with tin foil.  Next we poked two holes in both the toilet paper tube and the top of the cup. They girls fed the pipe cleaner down through the holes in the tube and cup to attach them together.

When the bell was assembled they used a sharpie marker to draw the crack and add "Liberty" on it.

This craft was much easier than the 5 pointed star!

It was much easier and thus, more fun as well.  I can tell by the smile on Sweet Baby's face!

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