Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Love Snickers

We have a new family member.  We have added to our  3 kids, 6 chickens and one dog - a bunny.  A little mini rex. 

Peanut has wanted a kitten for as long as I can remember but I've not wanted to deal with a litter box.  So...she recently began asking about a bunny.  Her great uncle once raised dutch rabbits and was quite famous in "rabbit raising world".  We thought it through and figured, why not?

We had friends offer to give us a very nice hutch so the only other step was picking the rabbit.  Initially Peanut wanted a Holland Lop.  She wanted a rabbit that would stay relatively small, even as it grew to adulthood, so she would feel comfortable picking it up.

We contacted someone locally about Holland Lop babies, but we were going to need to wait till October and they wanted $45 per bunny!  That was just a bit more than we wanted to spend on our first rabbit.  So, we took a trip down the road (literally) to a house that has had a bunny sign in it yard for years and asked about their rabbits.  

The rabbits at the farm down the street were only $25 but after talking for awhile he said he would let this one go for  $10 since it was getting to the end of the season and he could tell she was going to a good home.  Not only that, but he took some of our honey in trade.  So, this is Snickers.  Snickers is a mini rex.  I believe she is a brown otter.  I'm not all brushed up on my rabbit verbage yet.  :)

The girls all really love Snickers and she is a delight.  We are lucky enough to have a large screened in porch on the back of the house, so we can bring her in there and let her hop around and explore while we read or just hang out.  

She's even getting musical instruction :)  Honestly, this is Peanut's rabbit, but I can hardly help myself - picking her up wanting to have her hang out with us.  She is a sweet little thing to be sure.

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