Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peanut's First Recital

I'm not musically inclined.  My husband played the saxaphone in middle school, but other than that, no one in our immediate family has any musical talent.  My husband does have an aunt however who plays the piano beautifully.  It is a shame that she lives on the other side of the country. 

We have friends who live within 5 miles of us and whose sons have been taking piano since they were quite young.  They are a delight to listen to.  About a year ago Peanut began taking lessons with the oldest son and she has really enjoyed it.  She started using a keyboard here at home to practice on and then in February we surprised her with a real piano....a Craigslist find for just $ has been well worth it. 

Her teacher's teacher was allowed her to join his students in their recital.  It was L O N G, but much fun.  Some kids have so much talent!

Peanut chose to play Shubert's, Marche Millitaire.  Here she is after the recital sitting at the grand piano.  She looked beautiful sitting there.

A little closer shot because I was really quite a proud momma. She had been so nervous but pulled it off so well.  Not many adults would get up in front of a bunch of people they don't know and perform.

After the recital we surprised her with some flowers.

Grandpa drove 45 minutes to watch and support her. she is playing.  The church was packed..literally standing room only, so we could not see her playing, only hear her (and we were 1/2 hour early!).  So, enjoy the shot of the hymnal.

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