Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plant Science, Delayed Life Skills and It's On Its Way

Today the little girls were learning about cells. Last year when we discussed human cells, we made a model of a cell and most of its parts. That model was made from jello and various candies. This year as we are learning about plants, we discussed that there are some things that a plant cell contains that a human cell does not. Rather than do the jello model again this year, God's Design for Science had us create a paper model of a plant cell.

Keep in mind that Sissy attended public school from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. When it was time to send her off to school, I made very sure that she knew how to tie her shoes. After all, come winter, she would need to wear boots to school and change her shoes at school. We worked hard and she got it. Peanut attended Kindergarten in public school and so she needed to learn as well. Now, Sweet Baby has been different. She has been different in ALOT of ways. She has never been forced to learn anything. She does it all when SHE wants to. Well, in addition to not NEEDING to learn how to tie her shoes for boot/shoe changing in a public school setting, she has not really wanted to learn. However, her dad and I have determined something....this is the year Sweet Baby, you are going to learn how to tie your shoes. She's 7 now, it is time. Here she is practicing using an Usborne book. I especially love this page as I usually sit in front of her as I tie one shoe, and she mimicks on the other one. It is slow going, but I'm just sure this will be the year!

So...what is on its way you ask? FALL! Fall is nearly here! I'm excited because it is my favorite time of the year. Yes, I know, "Don't you know what comes after fall?" I know, but the joy I get out of the season of fall far outweighs how I feel in March when the snow is still falling. I love how fall in Michigan smells, looks (oooh, all the colors!) and feels. That need to throw on a sweatshirt

This picture confirms the fact that fall is on the way. We have a maple tree right outside our front window whose leaves turn a beautiful, bright red and this is what I noticed today...


Champion Builders said...

What's the name of the book she's tying? We need that too.

Crystal said...

It is by Usborne and is called Tye A Bow Book...Pretty unique title huh? ;)