Monday, April 5, 2010

Salt Water Experiment - Hmmm...

One thing I have really enjoyed about home schooling is how much I am learning along with the girls. We are currently edging our way into talking about ocean ecosystems. We started by talking about the differences between salt water and fresh water.

For example, I guess I didn't realize that things float easier in salt water than fresh water. We did an experiment which had us trying to float an egg in salt water and also in fresh water. Here the girls are counting out tablespoons of salt and adding it to one of our bowls of water.
After filling up our bowl of saltwater, we were to take an egg and place one egg in our saltwater and one egg in our freshwater to see if salt water is indeed dense enough to float an egg. And what do you know? It worked. The girls were really impressed by this! The white bowl was our freshwater and the egg sunk right to the bottom. The silver bowl was our saltwater and the egg just kept bobbing around, never sinking completely to the bottom.
We were able to talk about experiments and how you need to make everything exactly the same (or as close as you can) for an experiment to work. Sissy thought maybe the egg in the freshwater bowl was just heavier than the one in the fresh water bowl. When she realized that was not the case, she thought this was a really neat experiment.

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