Friday, May 8, 2009

Art Show

Our final day of our co-op was earlier this week. I'm excited as this first year of homeschooling is winding down. I'm burned out. HOWEVER, that said, I'm excited to attend my first INCH conference next weekend. My girlfriend and I are planning to head over to Lansing Friday afternoon (GOD BLESS her husband who is watching all three of my girls so we can get out of Dodge early and enjoy our day!) to attend for the 2 day event. There are so many seminars related to homeschooling and parenting that I can't decide which to attend. Some of those days there are 3 or 4 I'd like to attend during one time slot! In addition there is LOADS of shopping from what I understand. We aren't talking the shoes and purse type shopping, but curriculum shopping. Sadly, that sounds fun to me. Luckily, I've been able to find much of what I need used in various places, so I'm not really NEEDING much - but shopping can be fun even when you don't need something new.

The evening of our last day of co-op meant that we went back up to the church building for a program from the jr. high kids and highschoolers. They performed various activities from their drama improv class. Following the performance we entered the gym and all the art projects the kids had created were hanging on the walls for an art show. It was fun to see the various projects. We were also able to set up a table to display the work that our children had done throughout the year. I assumed that several families would do it - after all we have near 50 families if I remember correctly. However, we were the only family with a table. The girls had fun having their daddy at the place where they attend co-op and even my mother was able to attend.
We are nearly done with school for this year. We have completed history and only have 2 or 3 lessons left in Science. Over the summer Sissy will be working on reading and comprehension work since that is the one subject that she has stated she wishes she was better at. Peanut is going to be working on her math facts. I haven't been very diligent in making her do flashcards, so I'm sad to say that she knows very little addition and subtraction facts from memory. I began teaching Sweet Baby phonics last week. She also catches on quickly to sight words so her word wall is building. I'm sure the kids would be most thrilled if we didn't do ANY school this summer.

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