Saturday, June 28, 2008

Notebooking and a Great Site

One topic I have found while getting ready to start homeschooling is "notebooking". This is something that I think will be great fun for the girls. I originally thought about doing "lapbooking" because it is so similar to scrapbooking and I thought that I would like doing it, but then I admitted to myself that I have a tendency to want to have the girls projects look perfect and I try to take over and that is NOT what this is supposed to be about! SO...I decided to do notebooking instead because this is about their writing. The things THEY write about. PLUS I have a 1st grader who LOVES to write so I thought notebooking would be right up her alley. I stumbled upon this blog the other day: and I LOVE it. There are so many FREE pages that you can download and use at any time. I love all the resources I have found for free out there that help make homeschooling easier and this is one of those sites!

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Melanie said...

Would you believe that you were the *only* one to notice the contest and make a post?! So, by default - you win! Please stop by and go through the store, then let me know which set you would like.

Thank you for posting!