Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Service and a Haircut

The girls were able to serve at our local Relay For Life.  They helped with the opening ceremonies by standing with the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance and then walking in front of the crowd during the opening lap. 

Two years ago Sissy donated her hair at Relay for Life, ever since she did Sweet Baby has talked about donating her hair at Relay.  Here is a shot of her in the beginning of the day.

She was so excited to be able to donate her hair.  This was going to be the second time she would have donated.  The first time she was 5 and donated 12 inches.  This time she had a little less to give.  Her ponytail measured 10 inches.

After getting her hair cut she got a feather extension, just for fun.  Isn't it the cutest cut?

The Survivor Dinner is usually outside under a tent so the girls got to work wiping down the tables before the Survivor Ceremony started.

GOLLY - she looks so cute I could just eat her up!

About 10 minutes before we started cleaning up and getting ready for the ceremony, the sky got really dark and the wind picked up even more than it had been blowing all day long.  The girls were supposed to wait at the end of the track and pass out pins to all the survivors as they crossed the finish line.  Here Sweet Baby and her BFFL were standing waiting when the rain came!  Like true AHG troopers, they stood there in the blowing rain until I reached them and pulled them under an awning.  I wonder how long they would have stood there if someone had not re-directed them.

The weather got so bad, the wind kicked up so much it actually blew the tops off the tents!  It was quite scary.  Thankfully, Relay for Life is held in the parking lot of our local high school.  Someone was able to get the building opened so we moved all the food to the cafeteria and the girls were still able to serve dinner.

I love having the girls working in their own community, there is service to be done everywhere - whether it be collecting shoes for orphans overseas or serving dinner to cancer survivors in our own town.

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