Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Door in the Wall

We have been working on two read-aloud's over the last month and have recently finished up.  Yesterday we finished The Door in the Wall by Marguerite deAngeli.  This is a sweet book about a young boy, Robin,  who desires to become a knight, like his father but he has become sick and lost the use of his legs.  His father is gone fighting the Scots and his mother is traveling with the Queen.  A kind and loving friar, Brother Luke, cares for Robin until he can be reunited with his family.  A message arrives that Robin must meet his father at Castle Lindsay.  For a young boy with physical limitations, the journey is going to be quite difficult - and dangerous.  However, with his traveling companions, Robin learns alot about who he is and what he can accomplish.

The girls really enjoyed this book.  I was a bit afraid since the verbage can be difficult at times.  Here is a quick section from the book: 

    "If they hands are busy, time will pass more quickly.  Dost like to whittle?"
    "Of course," answered Robin.  "Who does not?  But I have nought to whittle." 
    "I shall find thee a piece of soft pine and will lend thee my knife. 'Tis sharp and of good steel.  This
     bench will fit against thy back to support thee."

When I began reading, I honestly thought I would not get much past the 2nd chapter, I was afraid the verbage would prove to difficult in reading and for the girls comprehension.  It was actually fun to read and the girls did not struggle to much.  Even Sweet Baby would beg for me to start a new chapter each day. 

This fit in wonderfully where we are in our study of medieval times.  Now, on to something new.  I have yet to decide what our new read aloud will be.  Sweet Baby is lobbying for another Ramona Quimby book, something lighter.  I'll let you know what I choose when I decide.

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