Friday, December 9, 2011

A Roman Feast

We have just finished up our study of Ancient Rome and ended it with a Roman feast. We dined on ham, hard boiled eggs, a salad of greens, peas and carrots with a "wine" dressing, cooked apples in cinnamon and a bread dessert. It was alot of fun putting our feast together.

The girls made a sign for our "dining room" to let dad know that this would be the place we would be eating our dinner that night. Romans usually at around low tables, sitting on the ground or lounging on low couches. We just pushed our two end tables together to make our dining table and dad got the couch. He really enjoyed acting like the emperor! We made him a crown using tinfoil and cardstock.

Just for fun we "dined" on giraffe (the kids found it sad that at some feasts, the Romans would eat giraffe) so we placed one of our stuffed giraffe's under a bowl and revealed it before the meal.

In addition to the meal, the low tables, couch, crown and giraffe, the kids and dad wore togas! (By the time mom got the meal together I forgot the toga!)

Our Roman feast was a fun way to end our study. We are headed into learning about the Muslim faith and where it came from for a couple weeks and then will be headed into the medieval times.

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