Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Camp

The summer is quickly speeding by. One of the big events of this summer for us has been waiting for summer camp. Last year Sissy went away to church camp for 6 days - the longest she had ever been away from the family - and she just loved it. This year, Peanut was old enough to attend; however, I was not really ready to drop my 8 year old off for nearly a week (and I'm quite sure she would not have lasted that long away from home on her own either). A friend suggested her and I counsel together at camp. Honsestly this was not my idea of a great way to spend a week of my summer! A bunch of cranky kids in HOT cabins with no air conditioning anywhere, getting up at 7 am and not getting to bed till 11 or 11:30 every night - does that sound like fun to you? Well, I am SO glad I went! What a blessing! The first night and day was hot but everyday after that, the weather was perfect. The children in our cabin were wonderfully well behaved and I watched as my Peanut strengthened Christian friendships, learned new skills and conqured fears.
By the middle of the first day I told my friend that I could not wait for next year!
Here Peanut is at the archery range learning how to shoot at targets. She really enjoyed this activity.

Christian sister pictures!! I love these!

I'll share more pictures of things like horseback riding, arts and crafts, and camp songs another day.

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